CryptaFlix 1.10

Encrypt AVI and Divx and watch media files

CryptaFlix is a video player for Windows with encryption capabilities for DivX, XviD, and other AVI formats including most MPEG-4 movies. Protect your video collection from unauthorized viewing with password protection using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Organize your movie play lists using the movie bin and thumbnail display features.


  • Plays AVI, MPG, and other video formats with the applicable VFW codecs installed.
  • Encrypts AVI videos (including DivX and XviD) using state-of-the-art AES encryption with 256-bit keys.
  • Videos are decrypted on-the-fly directly into memory while playing. No temporary files needed.
  • Create self-playing movie files that can decrypt and display themselves without requiring a separate viewing program.
  • Includes file navigation tree and a movie bin for sorting and saving movie lists and viewing movie thumbnail images.
  • Password Queue allows a single password entry to open up multiple encrypted movies during a single session.
  • Delete/Wipe function allows permanent erasure of source files after encryption.

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CryptaFlix 1.10

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